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Sample Parent Letter

Here is one school's letter that they send to parents about the promotion. Items in [brackets] should be updated to fit your school policies.

Dear Parents,

It’s the fall again and every fall we do a wonderfully easy fundraiser with For Small Hands (from Montessori Services). Catalogs will be available soon and [given to parents or sent home with your child].

Here is some info about the For Small Hands fundraiser:
This fundraiser is an opportunity to purchase high-quality materials, activities, and tools for your children or other children in your life while supporting our school! Many of our families also included aunts, uncles, and grandparents in this fundraiser. When you order from this catalog, and your total is more than $25, our school receives a credit towards future school purchases. The more you buy the more we get! Last year’s order generated a credit of over [$xxx] for guides to purchase classroom items such as [list items bought last year here].

After collecting everyone's order forms we will create a group order. Our group order will qualify for free shipping if submitted by [Oct xx (choose a date at least a week before the deadline)], so start making your gift-giving list now! You can find the catalogs [let them know where extra catalogs will be in addition to when they will be sent home]. In order to qualify for free shipping, orders need to be turned in by [day of the week, October xx, same date as above].

Make checks payable to [your school]. No credit cards will be accepted - this is a group order and to qualify for free shipping all items must all go on one order [you can decide to accept other methods of payment if you want to]. Please drop completed order forms to us at [very specific location for turning in order forms].

Recap of the information:

  • There is For Small Hands Catalog for you [indicate how they will get the catalog] or you can also browse what's available at forsmallhands.com.
  • Please use the order form in the catalog, or the one [attached to this email/on the other side of this notice].
  • Orders are due by [day of the week, October xx, same date as above] in order to participate in the free shipping group order.
  • Please return your order form and payment to [drop off location].
  • Check payments only [unless you want to accept credit cards also]. Make checks out to [name of person or school].
  • Place post-deadline individual orders of $25 or more through December 31 at forsmallhands.com/scp/[school customer number] [verify this Custom Earn Credit Link first] to add to our credit.

Please contact [contact person, email, and possibly phone number] if you have questions.

Thanks for your support of the For Small Hands Fundraiser and our school!