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Group Orders

The 2022 School Credit Promotion has ended.

The Group Order system will be active again September 1 through December 31. It's never too soon to order your For Small Hands catalogs for the fall!

Group Orders are a part of the For Small Hands School Credit Promotion. Read more about how it works, and all the ways you can earn FREE materials for your school.

On our website, you can,

  • Add families to your Group Order
  • Add items to each family's order
  • Estimate each family's total (including their share of shipping)
  • Print your Group Order (with final shipping charges and total for each family)
  • Add free bags to your Group Order (for distribution)
  • Checkout and place your Group Order (or print it to mail)
  • View your placed Group Orders

View our Stock Updates page for information about No Longer Available items, Substitutions, Price Changes, Tips, etc.

Group Order FAQ

Is there a "paperless" way to participate?

Yes. For Small Hands is available as an eCatalog. Schools can distribute it to families instead of the paper catalog and collect their orders as they would normally, for a Group Order.

Should I use our school's account, or create a new one for our Group Order?

If you (the School Credit Promotion Coordinator) are not the person who normally has access to the school's montessoriservices.com/forsmallhands.com account, you can setup another account to place the Group Order. You will have the opportunity to enter the school's information during checkout, to ensure they are properly credited.

Can I place a regular order while I'm working on a Group Order?

Yes. The shopping carts are completely separate.

Can I use the website to compile my Group Order, then mail it in?

Yes. We recommend compiling it on the website if you are mailing in your order, as it will calculate the shipping charges and amount due for each family's order.

  • While compiling your Group Order, you will find estimated totals on the Group Order Estimate page (for all the orders combined), and the Family Order Estimate page (for each family's order).
  • For finalized totals, you will need to proceed to Checkout Group Order and confirm your shipping address.
  • Then, continue on to the "Review Order" page and print your order from the "print or save your full Group Order" link.
  • We highly recommend saving a copy of this page for your records
  • Mail it to:
    Montessori Services
    11 West 9th Street
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401

How can I order free bags for distribution?

You can select the number of free bags you would like during Group Order Checkout

Does the website calculate shipping charges for families?

Yes, you can see estimated shipping charges, sales tax (California only), and totals, at any point while placing the Group Order. The Group Order Estimate page shows all the orders combined, and the Family Order Estimate page shows each family's order. Estimates are based on the default billing address on your account. If you do not have a default billing address, estimates show regular shipping to the contiguous U.S.

To see the finalized totals for all the orders combined, continue to Checkout Group Order and enter your shipping address and other information. Then proceed to "Review Order", and click "print or save your full Group Order".

Will the Group Order show up in my order history?

If you submit the order on our website, you will find it under the Group Order History link in your account. If you mail in your Group Order, it will not be saved. We highly recommend you print and save a copy for your records.

What if a parent wants to add something after the Group Order is submitted?

We're sorry, once you have submitted your Group Order, we cannot accept changes to that order.

However, families can still place Individual Orders and designate your school to receive credit through December 31. Some schools place an early Group Order to qualify for free shipping, and a later one to accommodate last-minute additions; you can submit as many Group Orders as you like during the promotion.