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Group Orders

The 2023 School Credit Promotion ended December 31, but it will begin again for 2024 on September 1.
Order your For Small Hands catalogs for the fall now!

NEW and recommended for 2023: advice and tips from past top earning schools.

Group Orders are a part of the For Small Hands School Credit Promotion. Read more about how it works, and all the ways you can earn FREE materials for your school.

On our website, you can,

  • Add families to your Group Order
  • Add items to each family's order
  • Estimate each family's total (including their share of shipping)
  • Add free bags to your Group Order (for distribution)
  • Checkout and place your Group Order (or print it to mail)
  • Print your Group Order (with final shipping charges and total for each family)
  • View your placed Group Orders

View our Stock Updates page for information about No Longer Available items, Substitutions, Price Changes, Tips, etc.

Group Order FAQ

+ Is there a "paperless" way to participate?
+ Should I use our school's account, or create a new one for our Group Order?
+ Can I place a regular order while I'm working on a Group Order?
+ Can I use the website to compile my Group Order, then mail it in?
+ How can I order free bags for distribution?
+ Does the website calculate shipping charges for families?
+ Will the Group Order show up in my order history?
+ What if a parent wants to add something after the Group Order is submitted?