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Understanding Montessori

A Guide for Parents – Second Edition

No Longer Available
Made in USA
Clear and concise answers for parents wondering about those curious Montessori "myths." What exactly is (or isn't) Montessori education? Find the answers presented in an appealing, accessible format with plenty of real-world examples parents can relate to.

Author Maren Schmidt, a Montessori teacher with more than 30 years of experience, created this parent resource to help parents find a school situation to meet their family's needs.

Updated and revised in 2019 this book is an important contribution to the body of Montessori parent literature. It helps parents understand key Montessori educational principles and how when implemented faithfully, Dr. Montessori's philosophy works for children at all levels of ability. Paperback, 270 pages.

10% of Schmidt's royalties support Montessori education.

  • Introduction
  • So You Keep Hearing About Montessori
  • Why Does the Montessori Method Work?
  • Montessori Principles : More than Teaching
  • How Does a Montessori Environment Work?
  • What? No Grades?
  • Finding a Quality Montessori School
  • Visiting a Montessori School
  • Assuring Success
  • Seeing from a Child's Point of View
  • Montessori Vocabulary Made Clear
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