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Spring Seedlings Bundle

Limited Edition collection curated by Cloud Montessori

$45.75 $50.90
Ideal for babies and toddlers, this collection offers experiences that will further develop your child's use of eye-hand coordination.

  • Grasping and shaking the Mini Maracas and hearing the sound fosters control and coordination in tiny grips.

  • The Wooden Pop-Up Toy is a teacher favorite to support developmental milestones. Children must create the right amount of pressure to pop each wooden figure out of its hole.

  • Visually, your child will track the movements of the small beads cascading through the Rainmaker Rainbow Rainstick, while enjoying the soft, soothing sound that imitates falling rain.

  • The youngest children will find connection in the delightful book Everywhere Babies.

  • We hope you enjoy these timeless activities together. Full product descriptions in links.

    Includes: Mini Maracas (M03), Wooden Pop-Up Toy (Y301), Rainmaker Rainbow Rainstick (Y361), and Everywhere Babies (C13).

    We have partnered with Cloud Montessori to create this bundle. Cloud Montessori is a parenting resource empowering parents to raise confident, independent, and successful children. Cloud Montessori uses the Montessori educational philosophy to provide support and guidance for families in their home and on adventures.
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