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What's Inside Animals

Ages 4+

Reveal the connection between 16 animals and their bones with this exciting tool for vertebrate comparisons.

First, view the whole animal photo; then hold the card up to a light (a window, lamp, or flashlight) to reveal a silhouette of the skeleton; next turn the card over to see the skeleton in detail.

Sorting, matching, and classification possibilities are endless. Includes all classes of vertebrate and the human body. Big (8" x 10"), durable plastic cards with images sealed under a scratch-resistant coating that can be washed with soap and water. Includes reproducible 8½" x 11" chart showing frontal human skeleton with labels.

  • Fish: barracuda
  • Amphibian: marsh frog
  • Reptile: flying dragon, sea turtle, diamondback water snake
  • Bird: snowy owl, flamingo
  • Mammal: human front view, human side view, mandrill, horse, camel, giraffe, black rhinoceros, elephant, walrus
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