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Animal X-Rays

From Roylco - Ages 5+

Which bones do all the vertebrates have in common? Do turtles have teeth? Children will soon find out as they explore the bone structures of 14 real animals.

Actual x-rays can be matched to highly detailed color photographs of each animal. X-rays have been computer-enhanced to show the animal's body outline surrounding the skeleton, allowing young children to more readily recognize the animal.

X-ray images are printed on heavy, transparent plastic, suitable for photocopying as well as direct study. Each of the five vertebrate classes are represented. 28 pieces in all.

  • fish: pumpkinseed sunfish, frontosa cichlid
  • amphibians: dwarf crocodile eggs, leaf frog
  • reptiles: green tree python, veiled chameleon, infant green iguana, western diamondback rattlesnake, box turtle
  • bird: red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture
  • mammals: common marmoset, infant kangaroo, European rabbit
  • Resource pages with activity ideas (English and French)
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