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Earth Flag

From the Authentic Earth Flag - Ages 3+

Fly the Earth flag to remind children of the relationships between all life on this planet, a theme Montessori spoke of often. She stressed the importance of giving children the whole picture before the component parts.

By exploring Earth, continent, country, state, city, and school in sequence, the child will develop a sense of place within, and an affinity for, our home.

This beautifully reproduced image is a photo transfer from NASA of the first image of Earth from space (Apollo 17) on a dark blue background.

The Earth Flag was created by John McConnell to commemorate Earth Day, which he originated.

Since its creation in 1969 the Earth flag has symbolized:
  • environmental stewardship and awareness
  • economic & social justice
  • global consciousness
  • planetary healing

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 100% nylon with metal grommets. 36" x 24".
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