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  1. Young Carpenter's Set

    Young Carpenter's Set - Tool Belt, Hammer, & Safety Glasses - Ages 4-8

    This sturdily crafted, leather Tool Belt is sure to be a hit. We've paired it with our Hammer which fits securely in the loop and our adjustable Safety Glasses, an essential item when hammering. Learn More
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  2. Deluxe Tool Set for Young Builders

    Deluxe Tool Set for Young Builders - Functional, child-size tools for woodworking & toolbox - Ages 5+

    Everything needed to master skills and turn out finished projects: hammer, level, sanding block, hand drill with bits, safety glasses, saw set, and stubby screwdriver. Everything fits nicely in the plastic toolbox. Learn More
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  3. Tool Set for Young Builders

    Tool Set for Young Builders - Six tools & safety glasses - Ages 5+

    Everything needed to master basic skills and turn out finished projects. Includes: Hand Drill with Bits, Handy Saw Set, Sanding Block, Hammer, Safety Glasses, Compact Level, and Stubby Screwdriver. Learn More
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  4. Hammer

    Hammer - First functional, child-size hammer - Ages 3+

    This sturdy, functional hammer is lightweight, manageable, perfectly child-size (9¼" overall; 3¾" wide head), and strong enough to survive enthusiastic daily use. Classic metal head and wooden handle. Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  5. Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses - Essential eye protection for children - Ages 3-12

    Scratch-resistant, wrap-around eye protection designed just for small faces in a familiar, easy-to-wear shape. Children put them on just like eyeglasses. Adjustable over-the-ear pieces. 4¾" x 2". Learn More
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  6. Tool Book

    Tool Book - Ages 0-3

    This colorful book introduces children to the names and functions of a variety of real tools, from pliers and drills, nuts and bolts, to chisels and sledgehammers. Board book, 18 pages. Learn More
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  7. Stubby Screwdriver

    Stubby Screwdriver - Ages 3+

    The grooved chunky plastic handle of this little flathead screwdriver is ideal for small hands to hold and control. 3½" long. Color and style may vary. Learn More
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  8. Hand Drill

    Hand Drill - Crank craft drill with 4 bits from Fiskars - Ages 5+

    This small craft drill from Fiskars is a real tool with a comfortable grip and smooth-turning crank. Very satisfying! Includes 4 interchangeable metal bits. For right-handed use. 9" long with bit. Learn More
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  9. Compact Level

    Compact Level - Functional torpedo level - Ages 4+

    A professional-quality, lightweight level with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal bubbles. Once children understand what level means, they will want to check all kinds of things like shelves, tables, and floors! 9" x 1⅝". Learn More
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  10. Handy Saw Set

    Handy Saw Set - Keyhole saw with two blades, fine-tooth and coarse-tooth - Ages 5+

    One blade (24 teeth/inch) for first sawing experiences (foam core, sticks, dowels); it will not jam in the wood. Coarser blade (10 teeth/inch) for bigger projects. Ages 5+ with adult supervision. Learn More
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  11. Sanding Block

    Sanding Block - From Laughing Star Montessori - Ages 3+

    After sawing, children can smooth rough edges with this sanding block. Designed for children to hold with two hands while sanding objects held in the vise. Sandpaper covers three of the long surfaces of the block. 4½" x 2⅜"; ⅝" thick. Learn More
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  12. Clamp-On Vise

    Clamp-On Vise - 3" vise with swivel base from Wilton - Ages 5+

    Ideal for smaller projects, this versatile vise can be clamped or bolted onto a variety of work surfaces and quickly and easily transferred to a new workstation. 3" jaw opening, 360 degree swivel base. 4½" x 3" base; 7½" high. Learn More
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  13. Handy Hammer Tool

    Handy Hammer Tool

    Unscrew the head from the base, and you’ll discover two flathead and two Phillips head screwdrivers. Screwdrivers range from 6½" to just 1" long. The discovery of all these hidden tools is half the fun, and they’re quite handy, too! 7½" long x 2½" wide overall. Learn More
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  14. Child's Leather Tool Belt

    Child's Leather Tool Belt - Adult-quality carpenter's tool belt - Ages 4-8

    Perfect for young children, this sturdy woodworking tool belt keeps key tools within easy reach. Superior workmanship! Will stand up to daily use. Two pockets, hammer loop, and an adjustable belt (up to 30"). Learn More
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  15. Replacement Fine-Toothed Saw Blade

    Replacement Fine-Toothed Saw Blade - 24 teeth/inch blade - Ages 5+

    Recommended by teachers, this fine-toothed blade is best for beginners and ideal for sawing dowels and twigs; with 24 teeth/inch, it will not jam. 6" blade fits our Handy Saw V510 or V560. Ages 5+ with adult supervision. Learn More
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  16. Replacement Coarse-Toothed Saw Blade

    Replacement Coarse-Toothed Saw Blade - 10 teeth/inch blade - Ages 5+

    After children have learned to saw with a fine-toothed blade, introduce this coarse-toothed blade. With 10 teeth/inch, the larger teeth will cut through bigger wood pieces. Blade is 6" and fits the handle of our Handy Saw V510 or V560. Learn More
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