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  1. First Pounder

    First Pounder - Cobbler’s hammering bench from Hape - Ages 1-4

    Built well enough to stand up to the vigorous hammering of your young shoemaker (or carpenter), this classic wooden pounding bench is a very satisfying activity. 6 plastic pegs, hammer, and bench. 8" x 3¾"; 3⅝ high. Learn More
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  2. Tap & Tack

    Tap & Tack - Hammering Shapes from Haba - Ages 4+

    Children will refine small motor skills as they hammer tiny nails through pre-drilled 100 wooden tiles into a corkboard to make simple patterns or create their own designs. They will repeat this activity again and again. Learn More
    25 In Stock
  3. Hammer

    Hammer - First functional, child-size hammer - Ages 3+

    This sturdy, functional hammer is lightweight, manageable, perfectly child-size (9¼" overall; 3¾" wide head), and strong enough to survive enthusiastic daily use. Classic metal head and wooden handle. Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  4. Young Carpenter's Set

    Young Carpenter's Set - Tool Belt, Hammer, & Safety Glasses - Ages 4-8

    This sturdily crafted, leather Tool Belt is sure to be a hit. We've paired it with our Hammer which fits securely in the loop and our adjustable Safety Glasses, an essential item when hammering. Learn More
    11 In Stock
  5. What Does a Hammer Do?

    What Does a Hammer Do? - Ages 3-8

    Use this book side-by-side with a real hammer. Clear photographs and simple text introduce the basics of this tool. It covers the parts, how it is used, and emphasizes important safety tips. Paperback, 24 pages. Learn More
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  6. Handy Hammer Tool

    Handy Hammer Tool

    Unscrew the head from the base, and you’ll discover two flathead and two Phillips head screwdrivers. Screwdrivers range from 6½" to just 1" long. The discovery of all these hidden tools is half the fun, and they’re quite handy, too! 7½" long x 2½" wide overall. Learn More
    64 In Stock
  7. Build A Birdfeeder Kit

    Build A Birdfeeder Kit - Pre-drilled woodcraft project for children - Ages 5+

    A satisfying, ready-to-build project. The youngest children may need help with instructions and holding pieces. Older children can manage independently. Everyone will enjoy observing the cheerful visitors! Includes everything but birdseed and hammer. Learn More
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  8. Build a Birdhouse

    Build a Birdhouse - Ages 5+

    Create a bird-friendly environment, then observe the cheerful visitors with this satisfying, ready-to-build project. Includes all materials (except hammer) to build & decorate a 4" x 6"; 5½" high birdhouse. Learn More
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  9. Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses - Essential eye protection for children - Ages 3-12

    Scratch-resistant, wrap-around eye protection designed just for small faces in a familiar, easy-to-wear shape. Children put them on just like eyeglasses. Adjustable over-the-ear pieces. 4¾" x 2". Learn More
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  10. Children Can Build

    Children Can Build - Building with Wood from Laughing Star Montessori - Ages 3-9

    Written by a Montessori teacher, this invaluable resource shows adults how to introduce woodworking to young children. Chapters cover tools, equipment, and supplies; activities and nomenclature cards; introduction to tool uses; preparation; and projects. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  11. Deluxe Tool Set for Young Builders

    Deluxe Tool Set for Young Builders - Functional, child-size tools for woodworking & toolbox - Ages 5+

    Everything needed to master skills and turn out finished projects: hammer, level, sanding block, hand drill with bits, safety glasses, saw set, and stubby screwdriver. Everything fits nicely in the plastic toolbox. Learn More
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  12. Tool Set for Young Builders

    Tool Set for Young Builders - Six tools & safety glasses - Ages 5+

    Everything needed to master basic skills and turn out finished projects. Includes: Hand Drill with Bits, Handy Saw Set, Sanding Block, Hammer, Safety Glasses, Compact Level, and Stubby Screwdriver. Learn More
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