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Stringing & Lacing

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  1. Stitching Block

    Stitching Block - First lacing & threading toy from Small World Toys - Ages 3-6

    hand-eye coordination, concentration, and pattern design all come into play as children thread the “needle” in and out and back again. Needle and cord fixed to handmade block. 2½" base x 2½" high. Learn More
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  2. Threading Buttons & Spools

    Threading Buttons & Spools - Wooden lacing and threading set - Ages 3-6

    What’s more fun than threading spools? Threading buttons, too! n engaging variation on a favorite activity, combining 10 colorful spools with 20 big wooden buttons and two shoelace-style laces. Wooden spools and buttons have sorting potential, too. Learn More
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  3. Wooden Beads & Laces

    Wooden Beads & Laces - Bead-stringing and sorting activity - Ages 3-6

    These appealing beads will have your children stringing in no time! 108 beads (¾") in three shapes (sphere, cube, and cylinder) and six colors; good for sorting, patterning, and other attribute work. Comes in a reusable storage container; 12" high with handle. Learn More
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  4. Lacing Shapes Activity

    Lacing Shapes Activity - Wooden geometric shapes and laces - Ages 3+

    This collection of six wooden geometric shapes with laces is sure to encourage children to work with their hands, indirectly developing small motor control. Largest piece is the 5" square; laces are 37½". Learn More
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  5. Lacing Board

    Lacing Board - From Plan Toys - Ages 3+

    Engage children’s imaginations and their fine motor skills with this sturdy wooden board. Comes with 2 laces (47½" long) and 9 wooden shapes (1¼"–3¾") that can be threaded or laced together. Learn More

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  6. Flower Power

    Flower Power - Wooden Bead Set from Melissa & Doug - Ages 4+

    Long laces, lots of beads, and great colors make this one of the best beading sets we’ve seen. Laces have 1½" shoelace tips for easy threading. 120+ assorted beads and 5 laces (39"). Wood box is 9¾" x 7"; 1" deep. Learn More
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  7. Lacing Clothes

    Lacing Clothes - So Chic! - Ages 3+

    Your child will practice lacing and develop fine motor skills while dressing this cute wooden doll (4⅞" x 8¾" tall). Includes 12 mix-and-match pieces of ⅛" thick embroidered felt clothing and two 29" long laces. Learn More
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  8. Animals in the Stars

    Animals in the Stars - Constellation lacing cards from Chronicle Books - Ages 3+

    Learn to recognize ten constellations by lacing a pattern of stars on these durable cards. Then, turn out the lights to reveal the glow-in-the-dark animals formed by the stars. Includes 10 laces (31") and cardboard cards (6½" x 5¼"). Learn More
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  9. Wooden Spool Assortment

    Wooden Spool Assortment - Unfinished craft spools in 3 sizes - Ages 3-7

    Remember these? We discovered this big set of 72 old-fashioned wooden spools for your children to enjoy. Threading, sorting by size, stacking, crafts... many possibilities. Three sizes, ranging from 5/8" to 2" high. Learn More
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