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Tools for Exploring Science

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  1. MicroBrite

    MicroBrite - Pocket Magnifier from Carson - Ages 5+

    Examine the natural world up close! This LED-lit pocket microscope features a 20X-40X magnification and two focus knobs for a clear, bright image. Includes two blank specimen slides, a stand, and batteries. Sturdy plastic body. 2½" x 4". Learn More
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  2. Explorer Binoculars

    Explorer Binoculars - From Explore One - Ages 4+

    These real binoculars will give your budding naturalist or astronomer a satisfying experience. 6X magnification and 21mm aperture. Features large focus wheel, rubber eyecups, and textured gripping surface. Comes with a carrying case, cleaning cloth, and strap. Learn More
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  3. Magnet & Case with Iron Filings

    Magnet & Case with Iron Filings - Hands-on science - Ages 4+

    Children will see magnetic fields in action with this exciting set. Iron filings stay neatly housed inside the sealed plastic case and are easily manipulated with the magnet. Set includes Horseshoe Magnet and Case with Iron Filings. Learn More
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  4. Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope

    Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope - Ages 5+

    Discover a world of dazzling colors and shapes with this easy-to-assemble kit. Made from recycled cardboard and reflective mirrors, the kaleidoscope is remarkably durable. Comes with design strips, complete instructions, and an array of fun facts. 5⅝" long. Learn More

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  5. Two-Way Microscope

    Two-Way Microscope - Exploration Magnifying Glass from Haba - Ages 5+

    Whether used indoors or outdoors, the ingenious design of this plastic microscope allows top and bottom magnified viewing. View the object through the 6X magnifier. Then, view the underside through the 4X magnifier on the front. 7½" x 5"; 4" high. Learn More
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  6. Glass Prism

    Glass Prism - Functional prism for experiments with light - Ages 5+

    Children can set this prism in a sunny window and see for themselves what Newton discovered — a beam of visible light can be split into a rainbow when it shines through a glass prism like this. Learn More

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  7. Bug Catcher

    Bug Catcher - BugView from Carson - Ages 5+

    Every beetle and bee is an observation opportunity! Open the viewing box by sliding the button upwards. Then, lower the open viewing box over the insect, closing the box slowly. 5X top magnifier. 2¾" x 2¼" viewing box. Learn More
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  8. Acrylic Refracting Prism

    Acrylic Refracting Prism - From Accoutrements - Ages 5+

    Over 300 years ago, Sir Isaac Newton concluded that a prism separates white light into colored light. Now children can see for themselves—a beam of light split into a multi-colored rainbow. 4½" x 1⅜"; ⅝" high. Learn More
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  9. Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier

    Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier - From Haba - Ages 3+

    Perfect for small specimens! This plastic jar has a lid with two plastic magnifying lens so children can take a closer look at whatever they find. 3” high x 2⅜” dia. Learn More
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  10. BugLoupe

    BugLoupe - A magnifying loupe from Carson - Ages 2+

    This superior magnifying loupe is pre-focused so children don’t get frustrated when they’re examining the world up close. Place the loupe on top of any flat surface for a 4.5X view of what’s underneath. Acrylic; 4" base x 3" high. Learn More
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  11. 3X Magnifying Glass

    3X Magnifying Glass - Glass magnifier with plastic handle - Ages 4+

    Invite children to take a closer look at any number of things, indoors and out! Features a glass lens (1⅝" dia.) and a sturdy, plastic frame and handle (4½" overall). Learn More
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  12. Energy Stick

    Energy Stick - From Be Amazing Toys - Ages 4+

    Did you know your body conducts electricity? Experience science in action when you touch both ends of the plastic tube—the flashing colored lights and sounds let you know you’ve made a connection. 7¼" long. Learn More
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  13. Transparent Color Paddles

    Transparent Color Paddles - 18 plastic paddles from Learning Resources - Ages 3+

    Children will enjoy exploring the exciting world of color mixing with these color paddles. Includes learning guide with suggested activities and 18 separate, sturdy plastic paddles (3 each of six colors); 2¾" x 6" long. Learn More
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  14. Small Pal’s Home

    Small Pal’s Home - Temporary home for small pets, fish, or insects - Ages 3+

    Young naturalists can get a “clear” look at salamanders, worms, lady bugs, caterpillars, or other small friends. Acrylic sides offer optimum viewing. Vented cover. Flip-top feeder. 7¾" x 4" x 5¾" deep. Learn More
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  15. Dynamo Mini Hand-Crank Flashlight

    Dynamo Mini Hand-Crank Flashlight - Portable winding flashlight from Coghlans - Ages 3+

    Wind the handle for a minute—get 7 minutes of battery-free light. The clip attaches easily to backpacks, purses, and key chains. Compact and durable, with two long-life LED bulbs. Rugged plastic casing. 2" x 1¼". Learn More
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  16. Adjustable Survival Lantern

    Adjustable Survival Lantern - From Toysmith - Ages 5+

    A sturdy hands-free light for all kinds of nocturnal adventures. The head swivels to adjust the beam up, down, or anywhere in between. Long-life LED lights. Assorted colors. 7½" long. Learn More
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