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  1. Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela - Rookie Biography from Scholastic

    Introduce young readers to historically great men and women who have made significant contributions to the world. Children will be inspired and impassioned as they make connections between themselves and this distinguished figure. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  2. Children Learn What They Live

    Children Learn What They Live - Parenting to Inspire Values

    An approachable, satisfying book based on the classic poem. Warm, insightful essays use developmental facts, anecdotes, and examples to illustrate how adult choices affect young children. Paperback, 224 pages. Learn More

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  3. Flippers

    Flippers - Modern tiddlywinks-style game - Ages 5+

    Send these flexible plastic pieces springing with a fingertip’s worth of pressure; the airborne antics are thrilling. 16 flippers (4 colors), plastic storage box that serves as a target, and instructions. Learn More

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  4. From Flower to Honey

    From Flower to Honey - Nature's Cycles Start to Finish Series - Ages 3-5

    Where does that yummy honey come from? Through stunning photographs, children follow the journey from the flower blossom to the honey on the shelf in a store. Paperback, 24 pages. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  5. First Knitter Knitting Doll

    First Knitter Knitting Doll - Wooden corker - Ages 6+

    With this wooden knitting doll little hands quickly find the rhythm of wrapping yarn and moving it with the needle to create long woven tubes. Includes: wooden doll (4½" high), child-safe wooden needle (4"), four small skeins of yarn, and an instructional diagram. Learn More

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  6. Around Town with Miss Rhonda

    Around Town with Miss Rhonda - Set 3 Chapter Book from Miss Rhonda’s Readers - Ages 4-8

    Designed to follow Set 1 and Set 2 books, this book offers seven stories just right for the beginning reader. Each chapter has list of focus words that highlight the long vowel sounds and their various spellings, as well as the “ou” sound. Paperback, 86 pages. Learn More

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  7. Community Helpers

    Community Helpers - Pocket Flash Cards - Ages 3-8

    Half of these cards show easily recognizable community workers, the other half show the tools they use. Set includes 27 workers cards, 27 “tools” cards, and two activity cards (3⅛" x 5¼"). Learn More

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  8. Outdoor Chalk Art Set

    Outdoor Chalk Art Set - From Faber-Castell - Ages 4+

    Set your child’s creativity free with 12 vibrant-colored pieces of chalk. Top-quality set comes with a foam knee pad (11" x 6½"), two foam chalk grips (2"), a blending brush and tool, instructions, and ideas for inspiration. Learn More

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  9. More-igami

    More-igami - Ages 5+

    Joey becomes enamored with origami when a classmate’s mother turns a plain piece of paper into a beautiful crane. He learns that mastering this art form takes patience and practice. Hardcover, 34 pages. Learn More

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  10. The Ultimate Construction Site Book

    The Ultimate Construction Site Book - Ages 3+

    Filled with 60+ lift-the-flaps, pull-tabs and pop-ups, this fascinating, meticulously researched book welcomes readers into the busy world of construction. Watch workers build a bridge, erect a skyscraper, assemble a roller coaster, and raise a circus tent! Hardcover, 18 pages. Learn More

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  11. Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope

    Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope - Ages 5+

    Discover a world of dazzling colors and shapes with this easy-to-assemble kit. Made from recycled cardboard and reflective mirrors, the kaleidoscope is remarkably durable. Comes with design strips, complete instructions, and an array of fun facts. 5⅝" long. Learn More

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  12. Create with Clay

    Create with Clay - Clay sculpting kit with tools from Faber-Castell - Ages 4+

    Roll, squeeze, or sculpt! This open-ended set promotes experimentation and exploration and comes with cookie cutters, sculpting tools, a roller, and more. The non-drying clay (in ten colors) can be enjoyed again and again. Includes instructions and ideas. Learn More

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  13. Maze for Days

    Maze for Days - From Small World Toys - Ages 1+

    This classic toy features plenty of twists and turns for hand-eye tracking. The 14 wooden beads can travel from one end to the other without ever getting lost! Sturdily constructed. 8¾" x 5"; 7" high. Learn More

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  14. Step-By-Step Drawing Activity Pack

    Step-By-Step Drawing Activity Pack - 3 drawing books & 1 blank book in a case from Usborne / EDC - Ages 4+

    Draw a dog, knight, car, robot, and more! Set includes three 24-page paperback (6" x 7") instruction books, plus a blank book to use for practice, all packed in a handled carrying case. 36 designs total (21 unique to this set). Learn More

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  15. Hello Nature

    Hello Nature - Activity Cards - Ages 7+

    Did you know frogs can't swallow with their eyes open … or do you know how to identify trees by their leaves? The 30 nature-related activities range from beach art to scavenger hunts. Includes 20, weatherproof, double-sided cards (5⅞" x 6¾"). Learn More

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  16. Tell-A-Tale Barnyard Edition

    Tell-A-Tale Barnyard Edition - The Cooperative Story-Telling Game - Ages 3+

    Let imaginations soar while promoting creativity and language skills. Simply roll the dice and use the wooden props to tell a story that continues from one player to the next. Includes dice, base, double-sided backdrop, and 21 prop/character pieces. For 1-4 players. Learn More

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