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Leaf Rubbing Plates

Includes 16 tree/leaf variaties from Roylco - Ages 4+

Reveal the image of a leaf by placing paper over one of the plastic plates and gently rubbing with crayons or pastels.

This set is ideal when real leaves are not available. Sixteen tree/leaf varieties are highlighted. Each textured rubbing plate is 4¼" x 5½".

The finished artwork is perfect for Thanksgiving invitations or cards, decorations, stationary, or gift wrap.

They also work well with clay. Set includes information for additional idea and activity uses.

Leaves included: Ginko, Sycamore, River Birch, Tulip Poplar, Linden, Sugar Maple, Sassafras, Sweet Gum, Buckeye, Hickory, Dogwood, Holly, Box Elder, Willow, White Oak, and Elm.
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