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Stacking & Balancing

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  1. Children Can Build

    Children Can Build - Building with Wood from Laughing Star Montessori - Ages 3-9

    Written by a Montessori teacher, this invaluable resource shows adults how to introduce woodworking to young children. Chapters cover tools, equipment, and supplies; activities and nomenclature cards; introduction to tool uses; preparation; and projects. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  2. Classic Wooden Rocking Stacker

    Classic Wooden Rocking Stacker - Wooden Rocky Color Cone by Holgate - Ages 1½-3

    Superior quality and workmanship (even a lifetime guarantee!). All wood. 6 solid rings (1¾" to 3" dia.) slide smoothly on the post (5½" ). Rocking base and clacking sounds are keen points of interest. Learn More
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  3. Go-Go Dominoes

    Go-Go Dominoes - 204 wooden domino pieces & accessories from Haba - Ages 3+

    Construct a winding parade of color with these precision-cut dominoes. Then watch the exciting chain reaction as the first tile is toppled. Includes 249 wooden pieces (204 dominoes & accessories). Learn More
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  4. Prickly Pile-Up!

    Prickly Pile-Up! - A Cracking Stacking Game for the Whole Family from House of Marbles - Ages 4+

    These natural wood porcupines have lots of ridges and bumps that allow stacking in many different ways, letting children create a wonderful tower of critters. Includes 36 wooden porcupines (2"). Learn More
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  5. Circus Balancing Shapes

    Circus Balancing Shapes - From Diggin - Ages 3+

    This slightly wobbly elephant will test your hand-eye coordination as you balance different shaped sticks on its back. Made of eco-friendly bamboo it includes 24 sticks (3½") and one elephant (3⅞"). Learn More

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  6. Stack & Pour Cups

    Stack & Pour Cups - 9 plastic cups from Alex - Ages 2+

    Stack them, nest them, fill them—ideal for bath, beach, or sandbox. Cups stack up into a stable tower, thanks to rims around the edges. Children learn size discrimination as they play. Set includes 9 plastic cups. Learn More
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  7. Life Cycle Stacking Blocks

    Life Cycle Stacking Blocks - From Golden Gates Parks Conservancy - Ages 2-6

    Nesting, stacking, sequencing, counting, rhyming, and life cycles... Ten sturdy blocks offer a range of activities that span many ages. Laminated paperboard boxes stand 34" high stacked in a tower. Cubes: 1" to 5⅜". Learn More
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  8. Palette of Pegs

    Palette of Pegs - Open ended manipulative toy from Haba - Ages 2-6

    This peg and ring activity arrives neatly sorted in a sturdy wood base, ready to be stacked, scrambled, matched, and arranged into colorful patterns. Heirloom-quality; 16 pegs, 16 rings, and square board. Learn More
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  9. Balancing Tree

    Balancing Tree - Wooden building / balancing toy from Plan Toys - Ages 3+

    Take turns stacking wooden blocks to make a whimsical tree. Then carefully balance the wooden birds on the branches as a final touch. Includes 11 blocks (longest is 6") and 6 birds. Learn More
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  10. Balancing Boat

    Balancing Boat - Wooden toy from Plan Toys - Ages 3+

    Make sure the animals don’t fall off the boat! Practice balancing skills with this wooden game. The sturdy boat (7½" long) gently rocks to and fro as the animals are stacked, either manually or with special tongs. Learn More
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  11. Wooden Blocks Set

    Wooden Blocks Set - 50 wooden blocks and storage tub with lid - Ages 2+

    Just right for the little builder. Blocks are all wood and nicely finished with smooth edges. Some are in natural wood tone, some have cheerful colors, and others have playful prints. 50-block assortment has plenty of shapes and sizes; 1" to 3½". Learn More
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  12. Jumbo Hand Spinning Top

    Jumbo Hand Spinning Top - Old-fashioned classic wooden toy - Ages 4+

    Simply the best-designed, most rewarding spinning top we’ve had the joy to experience. Children can easily thread the shoelace-style cord through a big hole and even start the winding all by themselves! 6" launcher; nylon cord with wooden bead. Learn More
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  13. Dreidels

    Dreidels - 2 piece set from Maple Landmark - Ages 7+

    Traditionally played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, dreidels are spinning tops printed with four colorful Hebrew letters, Includes easy-to-follow instructions and 2 dreidels . 2½" high. Learn More
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  14. Color Spinner Top

    Color Spinner Top - Wooden top with 5 overlays - Ages 3+

    Art + science! This well-made wooden top comes with five cardstock overlays (3” dia.) printed with designs you can color on one side; opposite sides are blank to create your own patterns. Learn More
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  15. Stack & Sort Board

    Stack & Sort Board - Wooden manipulative from Melissa & Doug - Ages 2-4

    This well-made activity is a wonderful introduction to shapes, colors, and numbers. Children will stack and count the pieces and sort them by color. All wood. 13" long; 4¼" high overall. Learn More
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  16. Geo Blocks & Gears

    Geo Blocks & Gears - 12 movable wooden pieces - Ages 1½-4

    Young explorers can stack, match, rotate, and sort these unusual geometric blocks. Includes 12 wooden pieces and base. 11" x 4¼"; 3¼" high. Learn More
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