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Active Play

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  1. Pocket Disc

    Pocket Disc - Soft indoor/outdoor flying disk - Ages 3+

    Fold it into a pocket or bag — then pull it out and send it sailing! This true-flying disc is a satisfying indoor/outdoor alternative to hard plastic flying discs. Fair Trade importer. 8" dia. Assorted colors and patterns. Learn More
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  2. EzyRoller Ride-On Scooter

    EzyRoller Ride-On Scooter - The Ultimate Riding Machine - Ages 4+

    So easy to move, so fun to ride, this is what ride-on toys were meant to be! The right/left/right leg movements strengthen large muscles and help children refine coordination. Indoor/outdoor. Sturdy, stable tubular steel. Learn More
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  3. PommaWonga Ring Toss

    PommaWonga Ring Toss - Native American ring-and-pin game - Ages 6+

    This well-made version of the Native American game helps children develop agility and timing, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and dexterity. 6 wooden rings (2⅜" dia.) and square are threaded on a 32" cord attached to the 10" handle/pin. Learn More
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  4. Rainbow Ribbon

    Rainbow Ribbon - Streamer for dance and movement from Universal Specialties - Ages 3+

    Slow loops and elegant spirals. Quick swirls and rhythmic waves. This graceful ribbon streamer invites your children to move along with the music! 1" wide cloth ribbon on a tangle-reducing metal spinner. 12½" wooden wand. Learn More
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  5. Fleece Beanbag Set

    Fleece Beanbag Set - 6 pieces - Ages 3+

    Six cheerful beanbags stuffed with just the right amount for a satisfying toss. Feels great in the hand; a nice size and weight for walking on the line activities. Fleece tends to “stick” (not slide), perfect for hopscotch markers. 4" square. Learn More

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  6. Striped Juggling Balls

    Striped Juggling Balls - 3 bead-filled balls with vinyl covering from Schylling - Ages 5+

    Juggling calls on throwing and catching skills, rhythm and timing, and hand-eye coordination. Includes 3 balls, stitched together of soft vinyl pieces, storage tube, and basic juggling instructions. Learn More
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  7. Lunastix

    Lunastix - Juggling Sticks for Kids - Ages 6+

    A very satisfying movement activity with the added attraction of ever-fancier tricks. Well-balanced, easy-grip baton and sticks challenge children to hone their body control, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Learn More
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  8. Scooter Board

    Scooter Board - Plastic scooterboard with wheels - Ages 4+

    Made to last through years of serious play and movement. The heavy-duty plastic platform holds up to 175 lbs., glides smoothly on 360-degree swiveling casters with non-marking wheels, and has two rounded, easy-grip handles. 16¾" x 11½" Learn More
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  9. Activity Cones

    Activity Cones - Eight plastic cones from Melissa & Doug

    Turn a lawn into a soccer field, transform a driveway into an obstacle course, build a goal, create a slalom, set up a finish line – the uses are limitless. 25 activity suggestions are included--we think you will think of more. Eight plastic cones; 9¼" tall; 5½" square base. Learn More
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  10. Roll & Play

    Roll & Play - Your Child's First Game from Thinkfun - Ages 1½-5

    “Make a sleepy face.” “Rub your belly.” “MOO like a cow.” These are just a few of the fun activities in this easy game. Game play emphasizes turn taking and gross motor skills. Includes plush cube die and 48 laminated cards. Learn More
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  11. Joey Jump

    Joey Jump - Large motor activity for children from Learning Advantage - Ages 3-8

    Children build hand-eye coordination as they play this fun twist on the game of catch. Can be played individually or with a few friends, indoors or out. Includes plastic board (28" long) and two "beanbags" (2½" sq.); color may vary. Learn More
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  12. Activity Rings

    Activity Rings - Ages 2+

    Children will find all kinds of ways to use these well-made, rubbery rings for ring toss, balancing, juggling, and bean-bag targets, for starters. Six rings made from artificial rubber; 6½" dia., ½" wide. Learn More
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  13. Foxtail Softie

    Foxtail Softie - Ages 3+

    Spin, swing, throw, and catch! This soft foam ball with colorful nylon tail will soar up to 30 yards! A gentle option for playing catch with younger children. Game instructions included. 3" dia. ball with approximately 3-foot tail. Assorted colors. Learn More
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  14. Junior Bucket Stilts

    Junior Bucket Stilts - Ages 3-6

    Old-fashioned fun! Children will perfect their coordination and balancing skills as they walk at a higher elevation! Strong plastic “buckets” have a flared base with wide lip for stability (5¼" dia.) and adjustable cords. 4¾" high. Assorted colors. Learn More
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  15. Tie-Dye 10-Foot Parachute

    Tie-Dye 10-Foot Parachute - with 12 handles for 6 to 12 children - Ages 3+

    Great for anywhere mixed ages want to play together—a wonderful cooperative activity! Lightweight and strong this 10' nylon parachute has twelve handles (for 6 to 12 children). Includes a nylon and mesh storage bag. Learn More
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  16. Rainbow Eggs & Spoons Set

    Rainbow Eggs & Spoons Set - 6 wooden eggs & spoons - Ages 3+

    Enjoy the classic relay race game without the mess! Wooden eggs and spoons give children a chance to practice balance, coordination, concentration, and movement. Set includes six uncoated spoons (12") and six glossy colored eggs (2½" long; ⅝" dia. base). Learn More
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