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Outdoor Cleanup

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  1. Corn Broom

    Corn Broom - Classic child-size broom with wood handle - Ages 3-7

    A sturdy classic! A slightly smaller head and a little less weight makes this broom easier for children to manage than standard adult-size brooms. Natural, stiff broomcorn head on a painted wood handle; 7" wide head; 38" long overall. Learn More
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  2. Push Broom

    Push Broom - Classic child-size outdoor broom - Ages 3-6

    Sidewalks, driveways, patios... Help eager children tackle the big jobs with a good outdoor broom they can manage! Screw-in metal handle (29¼"), 9" wood head with stiff plastic bristles. Learn More
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  3. Child-Size Leaf Rake

    Child-Size Leaf Rake - Primary - Ages 3-5

    This lightweight leaf rake is intended for the youngest gardener only. Properly scaled to fit the proportions of the young child’s body, with a steel head mounted on a hardwood handle. Learn More
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  4. Bamboo Leaf Rake

    Bamboo Leaf Rake - Sturdy garden leaf rake for elementary-aged children - Ages 6-9

    When autumn leaves need raking, children will appreciate a properly scaled tool. Strong, slender wooden handle and sturdy bamboo head get the job done. This rake will stand up to several seasons. 41" overall. Learn More
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  5. Child-Size Snow Shovel

    Child-Size Snow Shovel - Ages 3-8

    Instantly visible results make clearing snow a satisfying job for children. This sturdy, lightweight tool holds a load children can manage. It has a strong handle and holds a manageable load. 32½" long overall, with a broad 12" x 10" plastic scoop. Learn More
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  6. Window Washing Activity

    Window Washing Activity - 4 cloths and accessories for window/mirror cleaning - Ages 4+

    For young children, no incentive is needed — clean windows or mirrors are their own reward! 8-ounce, trigger-style spray bottle, squeegee with rubber blade, drip cloths, and a child-size caddy. Learn More
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  7. Lil' True Temper Wheelbarrow

    Lil' True Temper Wheelbarrow - Real child-size wheelbarrow - Ages 3-8

    Young gardeners can corral a satisfying load with this extra-deep wheelbarrow. The perfect size, weight, and balance in sturdy plastic. 15½" high. Adult assembly. Learn More
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  8. Modern Brush & Dustpan

    Modern Brush & Dustpan - 2 pieces from Casabella

    This full-size plastic set is ideal for “big jobs” indoors and out. The soft rubber lip on the dustpan sits flat on the floor for maximum pickup. Soft grip brush is 10⅝" overall. Dustpan is 9⅜" wide. Learn More
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  9. Traditional Sweeping Set

    Traditional Sweeping Set - Child-size vintage-style dustpan and brush - Ages 3+

    Old-world charm, perfectly proportioned for the young child intent on cleaning up. Curved metal dustpan and wood-handled soft-bristle brush will get the job done! 8½" brush overall; 6½" x 9½" pan. Learn More
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  10. Black Whisk Broom & Dustpan

    Black Whisk Broom & Dustpan - Real child-size clean-up tool - Ages 3+

    This inexpensive plastic set is fine for small floor clean-ups. The sturdy, stiff-bristled brush snaps into the dustpan. Using a whisk broom (with the handle on the top) requires a different, more challenging motion than side-to-side sweeping (as when the handle is on the side of a brush). 6¼" wide x 8½" high. Learn More
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  11. Whisk Broom & Dustpan Set

    Whisk Broom & Dustpan Set - From Coghlan's - Ages 3+

    Just fine for small cleanups, the sturdy, stiff-bristled brush snaps into the plastic dustpan when not in use. Bristles are made of polypropylene. 6½" x 8"; ½". Learn More
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  12. Wet Soil Gloves

    Wet Soil Gloves - Real gardening gloves for children from Kinco - Ages 3-6

    Flexible cotton jersey gloves with a non-slip, latex moisture barrier that keeps hands dry. Gives children a sure grip on slippery tool handles and protection when handling wet soil and leaves. 5" from fingertip to wrist; 7½" long overall. Learn More
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  13. Garden Gloves

    Garden Gloves - From Curious Gardener - Ages 3-6

    The non-slip, latex coating on these gloves will keep hands dry and protected when handling wet soil and leaves. Coating on palms and fingers provides excellent grip on tools. Designed specifically for children. 5¼" from fingertips to wrist. Learn More
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  14. Clear Acrylic Squeegee

    Clear Acrylic Squeegee - Child-size cleaning tool - Ages 3+

    The contoured handle and small size help this tool make window washing easy for the young child. The rubber blade is securely mounted in molded plastic. 6" x 6½". Learn More
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  15. Spray Bottle

    Spray Bottle - 8 oz. plastic bottle & spray nozzle - Ages 3+

    Whether used in window washing or plant washing exercises, careful presentation of how to use this easy-to-spray, trigger-style bottle is important. Adjust the nozzle tip to emit a fine spray or a stream. Clear plastic. 8 oz., 3" diameter base, 7½" high. Learn More
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