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Indoor Clean Up

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  1. Hardwood Clothesline Stand

    Hardwood Clothesline Stand - Child-size wooden laundry rack - Ages 3-6

    Young children can easily reach all 72" of drying line overall. This stable, well-made stand folds flat to save space. A big wooden screw locks the stand open while in use. Remove screw to store flat. The unfolded stand measures 15" x 23"; 23" high. Learn More
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  2. Henry Helps with Laundry

    Henry Helps with Laundry - Ages 2-6

    Laundry is one of those household tasks that even toddlers can help with. sorting whites from darks, making piles, putting laundry in the machines, and delivering clean laundry. Paperback, 28 pages. Learn More
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  3. Mop & Brooms Set

    Mop & Brooms Set - 4 cleaning tools - Ages 3-8

    A complete set of satisfying child-size tools to tidy up the classroom or home, indoors and out. These hard-to-find tools have sturdy handles and functional heads (many are replaceable). Learn More
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  4. Corn Broom

    Corn Broom - Classic child-size broom with wood handle - Ages 3-7

    A sturdy classic! A slightly smaller head and a little less weight makes this broom easier for children to manage than standard adult-size brooms. Natural, stiff broomcorn head on a painted wood handle; 7" wide head; 38" long overall. Learn More
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  5. Yarn Mop & Refill

    Yarn Mop & Refill - Classic child-size yarn mop - Ages 4-8

    A child-size Yarn Mop with fully replaceable head and attached, non-abrasive scrubbing pad. Extra thick, rayon plastic thread/yarn. Easy screw-in handle (29¼"). Handle color may vary. Replacement yarn mop head (Q23) sold separately. Learn More
  6. Angle Broom

    Angle Broom - Child-Size Angle Broom - Ages 3-7

    Easy for young children to maneuver! This sturdy, child-size angle broom is a functional replica of the full-size version. Feathery plastic bristles sweep clean. 9" wide head overall. Screw-in handle (29¼"); 36" long overall. Learn More
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  7. Carpet Sweeper

    Carpet Sweeper - Real child-size clean-up tool with adjustable handle from Casabella - Ages 2½+

    An effective, easy-to-use sweeper with a handle that adjusts from 26" to 37" to suit the size of your children. Children can open and close the bottom flaps to empty. No power cord and no motor noise. Learn More
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  8. Window Washing Activity

    Window Washing Activity - 4 cloths and accessories for window/mirror cleaning - Ages 4+

    For young children, no incentive is needed — clean windows or mirrors are their own reward! 8-ounce, trigger-style spray bottle, squeegee with rubber blade, drip cloths, and a child-size caddy. Learn More
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  9. Clear Acrylic Squeegee

    Clear Acrylic Squeegee - Child-size cleaning tool - Ages 3+

    The contoured handle and small size help this tool make window washing easy for the young child. The rubber blade is securely mounted in molded plastic. 6" x 6½". Learn More
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  10. Spray Bottle

    Spray Bottle - 8 oz. plastic bottle & spray nozzle - Ages 3+

    Whether used in window washing or plant washing exercises, careful presentation of how to use this easy-to-spray, trigger-style bottle is important. Adjust the nozzle tip to emit a fine spray or a stream. Clear plastic. 8 oz., 3" diameter base, 7½" high. Learn More
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  11. Lambswool Duster

    Lambswool Duster - Ages 3+

    The natural lanolin content of lambswool attracts dust and holds onto it. Children will love cleaning in corners, around windows, or underneath shelves with this handy duster. 9" overall. Learn More
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  12. Henry Helps Clean His Room

    Henry Helps Clean His Room - Ages 2-6

    This engaging book offers simple ways that toddlers and young children can be a big help in cleaning up, including straightening up the bed, sorting toys, and picking up dirty clothes. Paperback, 28 pages. Learn More
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  13. Compact Brush & Dustpan Set

    Compact Brush & Dustpan Set - 2 Piece Set from OXO - Ages 4+

    An angled ergonomic handle offers a comfortable, no-slip grip, and the high-quality brush captures fine dust and crumbs. Just press down on the handle-less dustpan to make the rubber lip sit flush with the floor. Brush is 7¼" overall. Dustpan is 6½" x 5". Learn More
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  14. Whisk Broom & Dustpan Set

    Whisk Broom & Dustpan Set - From Coghlan's - Ages 3+

    Just fine for small cleanups, the sturdy, stiff-bristled brush snaps into the plastic dustpan when not in use. Bristles are made of polypropylene. 6½" x 8"; ½". Learn More
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  15. Black Whisk Broom & Dustpan

    Black Whisk Broom & Dustpan - Real child-size clean-up tool - Ages 3+

    This inexpensive plastic set is fine for small floor clean-ups. The sturdy, stiff-bristled brush snaps into the dustpan. Using a whisk broom (with the handle on the top) requires a different, more challenging motion than side-to-side sweeping (as when the handle is on the side of a brush). 6¼" wide x 8½" high. Learn More
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  16. Modern Brush & Dustpan

    Modern Brush & Dustpan - 2 pieces from Casabella

    This full-size plastic set is ideal for “big jobs” indoors and out. The soft rubber lip on the dustpan sits flat on the floor for maximum pickup. Soft grip brush is 10⅝" overall. Dustpan is 9⅜" wide. Learn More
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