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The Kids Campfire Book

Official Book of Campfire Fun

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A must-have summer resource with hundreds of great ideas for games, songs, and nature activities around the campfire. Try Doll Face Singing, play Friendly Knots, learn why campfire smoke follows you around, and how to Beat the Bugs.

Includes information on how to build different kinds of campfires (and why) as well as fire safety tips. Camping is a great context for sharing learning adventures with your children and this book is packed with ideas. Paperback, 144 pages.

Chapters include:
Five Chapters organized sequentially from finding the wood to putting out the fire before bed:
  • The Spark (setting up the campfire, choosing wood, gadgets, fire starters, activities & games)
  • The Blaze (making a reflector oven, cooking in a pit, campfire singing and story games)
  • Hot Coals (cooking with coals, moonwatching, about moths, more games)
  • The Last Embers (bats and bat games, ghost stories, sleepouts, how to douse the fire safely)
  • Campfire Songs (24 pages of rounds, call-and-response, singing games, and traditional songs plus index of song titles and first lines)
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