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A Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom

From Parent Child Press

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Help parents understand the goal of a Montessori education--cultivating children's own natural desire to learn.

With numerous photos, this book describes the Montessori materials and how they're used with ages 3 to 6.

Parents will learn everything from what a Metal Inset is to why the exercises of Practical Life are so important.

Hundreds of thousands of copies of this fine introduction have been distributed to parents with children in Montessori classrooms. By Aline D. Wolf. Paperback, 61 pages.

This title is also available in Spanish, Una guia para padres de familia en el aula Montessori (R20).

We also offer The Purpose of Montessori Education (R131) an excerpt of the key philosophy and purpose of a Montessori education in a 4-page leaflet sold as a pack of 50.
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