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The Original Classic Colorforms Set

Award-winning pattern and design set - ages 3+

The 1951 Colorforms® set introduced generations of children to this reusable, open-ended art material. Children everywhere are delighted with the variety of pictures and patterns they can so easily create by placing, layering, and overlapping the simple geometric shapes.

Colorforms are flexible, easy-to-handle vinyl pieces that adhere to any glossy surface and then peel off without leaving a trace. Design on windows, mirrors, smooth refrigerators, tubs, and, of course, the reversible design board (14" x 11¾").

This set travels well; the spiral-bound storage binder (12" x 14") carries all the shapes and lays flat to make a work surface. Includes 350 pieces of soft, washable shapes in 5 colors, storage binder, and a double-sided design board. Parents’ Choice Award.
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A302 The Original Classic Colorforms
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The Original Classic Colorforms Set

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