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Celebrations & Holidays

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  1. We Gather Together

    We Gather Together - Celebrating the Harvest Season - Ages 4+

    The fall equinox is the time of harvest and thanksgiving. Different cultures have celebrated the changing of the seasons in numerous ways throughout history. The lyrical prose and hands-on projects and other resources provide more inspiration. Paperback, 38 pages. Learn More
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  2. The Shortest Day

    The Shortest Day - Celebrating the Winter Solstice - Ages 4+

    An accessible look at the origins, history, and practices of global winter solstice traditions and beliefs. Hands-on projects and further resources make this a great resource for older children. 38 pages. Learn More
  3. Winter's Night Pop-Up Advent Calendar

    Winter's Night Pop-Up Advent Calendar - Sticker advent calendar from Chronicle - Ages 4+

    Stickers instead of candy! Countdown to Christmas with this interactive advent calendar. Beneath each flap hides a delightful sticker – from woodland animals to sparkly snowflakes – that children can add to the holiday scene. Learn More
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  4. Gingerbread House Bake Set

    Gingerbread House Bake Set - 7 cookie cutters, icing bag with decorating tips & recipes - Ages 3+

    A fun group activity. Depending on ages and abilities, children can help mix the dough, roll and cut the pieces, assemble the house, and decorate. Includes 7 extra-deep cutters with rolled-top edges, icing bag and tips, recipes, and instructions. Learn More
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  5. Holiday Paper Chains

    Holiday Paper Chains - Die-cut, tab-slot reusable chains from Eeboo - Ages 4+

    Children love to contribute to holiday decorations by making paper chains. These use no glue and make no mess! The paper is printed on both sides with beautifully detailed prints. 120 paper strips (2" x 10¾"). Learn More
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  6. Christmas Sticker Book

    Christmas Sticker Book - 400 reusable stickers - Ages 3+

    Ideal for decorating holiday cards, banners, or wrapping paper, these die-cut, peel-and-place stickers can be lifted and reapplied. Collection includes 400 photo stickers of holiday items. Paperback, 14 pages. Learn More
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  7. Gingerbread Houses Family Puzzle

    Gingerbread Houses Family Puzzle - Three puzzle piece sizes; 400 pieces total - Ages 5+

    This puzzle has pieces in three sizes so that different ages (and skill levels) can work together to complete the whole. Each of the 400 pieces has a unique shape. Puzzle will appeal to beginners and experts alike. 24" x 18". Learn More
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  8. Dreidels

    Dreidels - 2 piece set from Maple Landmark - Ages 7+

    Traditionally played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, dreidels are spinning tops printed with four colorful Hebrew letters, Includes easy-to-follow instructions and 2 dreidels . 2½" high. Learn More
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  9. Hanukkah Lights

    Hanukkah Lights - Ages 3-7

    Vibrant collage-style illustrations combine fabric textures with hand-drawn pencil and watercolor to delightful effect, and the simple prose offers an introductory overview of this Jewish holiday. Paperback, 26 pages. Learn More

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  10. Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles

    Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles - Ages 4-7

    This delightful book is sure to inspire family baking and sharing. Includes a note for families that describes the traditions and history of Hanukkah. Hardcover, 32 pages. Learn More
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  11. Jingle Bells

    Jingle Bells - A Magical Cut-Paper Edition from Candlewick Press - Ages 4+

    Intricate laser-cut artwork coupled with stunning silhouette-style illustrations brings this famous tune to life culminating with an elaborate pop-up Christmas scene conveying the magic of the season. Hardcover, 14 pages. Learn More
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  12. Judaic Holiday Metal Cookie Cutters

    Judaic Holiday Metal Cookie Cutters - 6 shapes from R & M International - Ages 3+

    Make holiday cookies a part of your seasonal celebrations. These well-made metal cookie cutters keep their shape, ensuring a clean cut. Beautifully gift-boxed, six shapes ranging in size from 2½" – 4¼". Hand washing recommended. Learn More

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  13. Merry Christmas Metal Cookie Cutters

    Merry Christmas Metal Cookie Cutters - 6 shapes from R & M International - Ages 3+

    Make Christmas cookies a part of your seasonal celebration. These well-made metal cookie cutters keep their shape ensuring a clean cut. Beautifully gift-boxed, six shapes ranging in size from 2½" – 3¾". Hand washing recommended. Learn More

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  14. The Nutcracker CD

    The Nutcracker CD - Orchestra Stories in Music from Maestro Classics - Ages 5+

    A holiday favorite, Tchaikovsky’s ballet is known around the world. The hour-long adaptation, placed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, includes music from every section of the ballet. Includes CD and a 24-page booklet. Learn More
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  15. Seasonal Miniature Music Boxes

    Seasonal Miniature Music Boxes - Hand-crank with acrylic cover - Ages 3+

    Holding the tiny knob helps children develop the pincer grip. Turning the crank helps refine small motor movement. Perfect for walking on the line and great for demonstrating tempo. All moving parts enclosed but handle. 3¼" x 2"; 1¼" high. Learn More
  16. The Longest Day

    The Longest Day - Celebrating the Summer Solstice - Ages 4+

    From ancient mythology to modern day summer picnics, these well-told stories are sprinkled with seasonal science and observations that will answer basic questions and encourage curiosity. Paperback, 40 pages. Learn More
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