Award-winning tile-matching game with multiple levels of play - ages 6+

6 shapes, 6 colors, 108 wooden tiles, and hours of whole-family fun! This exciting mix-and-match sorting game combines basic pattern and color recognition with elements of familiar games — lay down tiles that share an attribute (like dominoes), call out “Qwirkle!” when your tile completes a series (like bingo), and use strategy to think several plays ahead (like chess).

Even the youngest players can score points with basic Qwirkle™ plays (match any circle with any other circle, for example, or any blue shape with any other blue shape); play in teams to even the field! Superior quality; thick, wooden tiles in a heavy cotton drawstring bag. 2-4 players. Parents’ Choice Gold and MENSA Select Awards.
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Y480 Qwirkle
Made in CHINA
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