Junior Ramp Racer Deluxe

Wooden ramp track with 8 race cars - ages 1½-4

Clackety-clackety-clackety... hypnotic flip-flopping racers appeal to ears, hands, and eyes. Twice as much fun as the Junior Ramp Racer (V95), this set has eight cars (instead of four)! Children will send these racers zipping and flipping down the ramps over and over again!

All wood, with a ramp frame and eight well-made race cars safe for young children. Eco-friendly; finished with watercolor-based paints, and for every tree used, the manufacturer plants three more. 11" x 9½" ramp frame; cars measure 1¾" long.

Please note: A set of four Replacement Cars (V97) is also available, sold separately.
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V96 Junior Ramp Racer Deluxe - 8 Cars
Made in CHINA
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Junior Ramp Racer Deluxe

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