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Yoga Garden Game

A cooperative game - ages 4-7

No winners or losers in this imaginative movement game — everyone just has fun! The object of this cooperative game is to work together to plant a flower garden before night falls. Children are naturally good at and enjoy practicing classic yoga poses as they move the bumblebee marker around the board. Poses named after animals and objects found in nature tickle children’s imaginations. The chance to invent their own poses spices up game play. A great way to share your love for yoga or learn basic poses with your child!

Game includes:
  • Beautifully illustrated game board
  • Bee-shaped marker
  • 8 night pieces
  • 8 flower pieces
  • 10 yoga pose cards
  • 1 die
  • Instructions
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    E230 The Yoga Garden Game
    Made in CHINA
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    Yoga Garden Game

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