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Montessori Madness!

A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education by Trevor Eissler

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Funny, poignant, relevant, and refreshingly unabashed — all that and plain English, too. The author sums up his position nicely: “It’s madness that we don’t offer free public Montessori schools everywhere…

This passionate, articulate, peer-to-peer argument makes no pretense at objectivity. Rather, it presents a series of personal stories and vivid descriptions that illustrate one parent’s quest for a child’s education and the author’s personal transformation from concerned parent to self-proclaimed “Montessori Apostle.”

Further, this book meets the longstanding need for Montessori terms to be accurately “translated” into plain, contemporary language that excites and inspires parents. Paperback, 242 pages.

Madness; Watching Our Kids Grow; Should We Homeschool?; The Factory Model of Education; An Unexpected Option; A Home. A School; Why I Am Convinced by the Method; The Sensitive Periods; The Absorbent Mind; The Prepared Environment; Rewards; Competition; Punishments; Concentration; Discipline; Responsibility; Freedom; A Comfort with Error; The Fear of Error; Controlling Error in Real-time; The Guide; The Community; A Walk with Montessori; Conclusion

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Montessori Madness!

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