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Get Acquainted with the Benefits of For Small Hands

Designed to encourage and support young children at home, For Small Hands was created by a teacher at the request of other teachers. Our family resource catalog is filled with hundreds of age-appropriate, child-size items that encourage independence, creativity, and problem solving, Every item is selected with as much care as if for our own children.

“Thanks for this promotion! I love having my families see quality materials… Even for a small group like mine, it makes a difference for our families and our program. Really appreciate your products.” — J.R., Ithaca, NY

“We are looking forward to this again. It is a win/win for the school and the families. Parents get good quality materials designed for children, and reap the benefit of their children’s education in very practical ways.”— A.N., Sudbury, MA

“This is the only fundraiser that I do. I love your materials and getting them for free is absolutely great!” — P.E., Newark, DE

“We really appreciate this easy way to introduce our parents to Montessori products so they can enhance their child’s Montessori experience with materials and books at home. The school has benefited from the things we have purchased with our credits. Thank You!” — L.K., St. Louis, MO

How Can My School Use For Small Hands?

  • Hold a Parent Night to talk about implementing Montessori ideas in the home; then distribute For Small Hands.
  • Hand out For Small Hands at Parent/Teacher Conferences, where you can point out items that might interest particular children.
  • Offer For Small Hands as an option for holiday gift giving that will benefit the child and the school.
  • Many schools include For Small Hands catalogs in new student registration materials.

Benefits of Ordering From For Small Hands

For Families

  • Convenience: Helps parents find fun, suitable gifts for their children to use at home.
  • Selection: Hundreds of real, child-size items that encourage independence, creativity, and problem solving and allow the child to participate more successfully in the daily life of the family.
  • Education: Helps families participate in and learn to understand and appreciate the Montessori method.
  • Guarantee: Each quality item is satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Supports Schools: Families may designate a school to earn merchandise credit. Schools can use that credit for free materials.

For Schools

  • Education: Brings the Montessori process into the home.
  • Support: Encourages children at home by building on skills learned at school.
  • Earn Free Materials: When families order, schools will accumulate merchandise credit redeemable for free materials.