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Individual Orders: The Easiest Way to Earn Credit

Individual Orders for 10% credit are the easiest way to earn credit for your school — parents simply place qualifying orders during the promotion (September 1 through December 31), designating your school as the credit recipient.

How much credit can Individual Orders earn?
Individual Orders between $25.00 and $500.00 (in merchandise) earn 10% in merchandise credit (for the school). Individual Orders over $500.00 (in merchandise) earn 15% in merchandise credit (for the school).

What qualifies and Individual Order for credit?
An Individual Order qualifies for credit if it is over $25.00 (in merchandise), placed from our For Small Hands catalog or on our For Small Hands website between September 1 and December 31, where a school is designated as the credit recipient, and the school's required information is provided.

Can parents place Individual Orders online?
Yes, individual orders for credit can be placed on the For Small Hands website between September 1 and December 31, as long as your families enter your school customer number and complete school address information during checkout.

How does the school benefit?
It works like “scrip” with less paperwork. We automatically tally credits accumulated for each participating school! Each time a family places a qualifying order from our For Small Hands family resource catalog (by mail, phone, or online) during the promotion (and assigns credit to your school), your school receives a merchandise credit. In February, we will mail you your school’s merchandise credit voucher. The voucher can be redeemed on any school order from the Montessori Services School Catalog or the For Small Hands catalog (or website) placed by December 31 of the issuing year. Over 1,000 schools earn credit each year, several earn $500 or more, how much will you earn this year?

Individual Order Dates & Deadlines:
September 1: Promotion begins — start earning credit.
December 9: Individual Order deadline for Guaranteed Holiday Delivery.
December 31: Promotion ends.