Japanese Brush Painting

Sumi-E Board - ages 4½+

Dip your brush into water and paint a stroke on this magical painting surface. Brush strokes become black as ink and then disappear as the water evaporates within a few minutes, leaving the canvas clear for the next creation.

Every stroke looks graceful and becomes a work of art. Ideal as a calming activity in a quiet corner—children and adults alike are fascinated with this process. Create an unlimited number of brush paintings—no messy paints or paper to replace. Properly cared for, this elegantly framed, specially-coated paper will last for years. Mounted on hardboard and matted with a waterproof frame.

Comes with a 1/4-sheet of Japanese Kanji symbols (sheet shown in photo is no longer available), bamboo-handled calligraphy brush, and an adjustable display stand. 13½" x 11½". Ages 4½ and up, with careful presentation; younger with adult supervision.
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A352 Japanese Brush Painting
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Japanese Brush Painting

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